Benefits of the Erektor
No medications – no side effects!
No invasive surgery!
No waiting!
Your partner will love it!
Your penis is completely exposed,
so you can feel every sensation.
Continue intercourse after ejaculation.
Can be used with a condom.
Comfortable for your partner.
A training device for premature ejaculation.

What is the Erektor?
  • The ErektorTM is simply revolutionary.
  • ErektorTM is an external penile support device for men.
  • ErektorTM when applied provides rigidity to the penis, making it possible to perform intercourse with a weak erection or no erection at all.
  • ErektorTM allows men to perform full quality intercourse without erectile medications or supplements.
  • Unlike ED medications, ErektorTM has no side effects.
The Erektor™ is a nonsurgical, external penile support device, so even a flaccid penis is supported and rigid, making it possible for you to engage in intercourse with a weak erection – or even no erection at all.

Erektor Diagram Results are immediate.

ErektorTM has the following components:

A Soft Expandable Loop
B Sliding Latch
C Flexible Support Tubes
D Base Lock
E Base Ring

Erektor creates and maintains erection by supplying and retaining blood in corpora cavernosa and glans. The mechanisms of achieving the erection with the Erektor are pretty complex, but at the same time is very reliable, non-traumatic, without any medications, injections or surgeries, without any side effects and with instant results